Flexible Sanding Sheets

We wanted to share one of our latest finds with you – 3M Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets. Are we the only ones who had not heard of this ingenious product? 

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Dennis refinished our dining room and it consisted of a very large trestle table, bench, and 4 ladder back chairs. It was in rough shape, the finish was worn and some of the edges were quite chewed up from a dog or other animal, especially the bench. 

After using a belt sander on the larger sections of the table and bench, he was left with the tedious task of the spindles and crevices on the chairs. 

3M Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets

Thanks to a little research and Google, we discovered this very handy product. He was able to mold the sanding sheet using a piece of wire and easily conform it to the shape of the spindle, getting into all those tight spaces. It not only greatly reduced the time spent sanding, but it also saved his fingertips!

Look for 3M Ultra Sanding Sheets next time you have your own project. We picked up our pack at Home Depot, but I’m sure they are also available at other stores. And check out our beautiful new “old” dining room set! We absolutely love the extra-large table. It’s perfect for family dinners.

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